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7-mtt and Ontap 9.2

Is there a known date when the next 7mtt will be released were A200 and Ontap 9.2 is supported?


Does anyone know if it's possible to manually add "support" for 9.2 and A200 in some conf-file in 7-mtt or is it hardcoded just to anger evryone?


The manual for 7-mtt only states mimumum ontap-release. Everytime a version is statet it follows by "or later". Well 9.2 is a later version.


interopmatrix does not have 9.2 listed for 7-mtt.




Re: 7-mtt and Ontap 9.2

Possible, yes.  Work with your NetApp SE to file a PVR, to qualify your transition scenario and obtain those instructions.



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Re: 7-mtt and Ontap 9.2

Hi Sean,


is there any possibility we might get an updated 7mtt version?

We are implementing new systems with the intention of using DOT9.2 with a vfiler to SVM migration.




Re: 7-mtt and Ontap 9.2

Sean, That would take rather long time.. So, we did i manually instead.



From what I've heard, the next relase will be available anytime now, with support for 9.2. Middle, late september...


Btw, long time no see =)


Best Regards,


Re: 7-mtt and Ontap 9.2

Thanks :-)

I agree ... PVR isn't something you should step into for this.

Waiting some weeks should be possible.

It would even be better if I could disable the DOT verification somewhere in the tool.


At the moment it's just ontap simulators that are setup to test.

Re: 7-mtt and Ontap 9.2

Add the following line to end of the file: <7MTT-dir>/etc/conf/transition-tool.conf 


clustered.ontap.versions.supported= 9.2.0


Once this line is added, restart 7-Mode Transition Tool service.


This will override the version check failed error

Re: 7-mtt and Ontap 9.2

I've been trying to change the conf file so it supports 9.3 using the same syntax but no luck.


Does anybody have any other suggestions or know when a newer version 7mtt is planned for?


Thanks in advance!

Re: 7-mtt and Ontap 9.2



If you upgrade first to 7mtt 3.3 and then you modify the config file, it works. You can add the 9.3 system into 7mtt but i did not yet test a migration.



Re: 7-mtt and Ontap 9.2

Cheers for that.


I've added and it works! Also completed a test migration without issue.

Re: 7-mtt and Ontap 9.2

Hi, I have the same problem with DATAONTAP 9.3P1, I have included the line "clustered.ontap.versions.supported= 9.3.0" and it doesn't work.


Once this line is added, restart 7-Mode Transition Tool service (v3.3).


Please, any idea ? Thanks.

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