8.1.2P4 Released With Incomplete Documentation

We are having issues when large files are deleted.   8.1.2P3 inlcudes some fixes for the large file delete problem.   8.1.2P4 contains more fixes for that problem.  P4 was released today.

However, the download page for 8.1.2P4 seems to be incomplete.  There is no information telling customers which filer model number each link is associated with.  The following screen captures compare the P3 and P4 download pages.   You will see that the P4 page is lacking the detail of P3.   Since we cant be assured we are downloading the correct P4 package, we are postponing the deployment of P4. 

Update:   Upon closer examination, it looks like P4 is missing the download.shtml page.  Notice the slight difference in the URL.  - this works for 8.1.2  - this works for 8.1.2P3 - this doesnt work for 8.1.2P4

8.1.2P3 Download Page:

8.1.2P4 Download Page



Re: Anybody Installing ONTAP 8.1.2P4?

It also looks like Upgrade Advisor hasnt been updated to include instructions for 8.1.2P4.

Re: Anybody Installing ONTAP 8.1.2P4?

Thanks to whoever is responsilbe for getting P4 added to Upgrade Advisor.   Still deploying 8.1.2P4 to the last of my arrays and it is good to see this documentation available!

Last thing is to update the download page now.   I phoned support to verify that I am downloading the correct package - the .tgz file in the x86_64 section (for my filers).   Probably not a bad idea to phone support if you are thinking of deploying 8.1.2P4 to verify which file(s) you should download.   An updated download page would eliminate the need to call support for verification.