8.1 and Dedup limitations

We are currently running 7.3.5 on a 6040 filer and will be upgrading to OnTap 8.1.  We have a volume that is on a 16TB aggr that is dedup and running out of space.

Our plan is to first upgrade to 8.1 and then add additional disk shelves to this aggregate.

My question is after we add an additional 15TB to this aggregate (give it approx 30TB total ) can we grow this volume that is deduped past the 16TB limit?  Do we have to un-dedup first for any reason?



Re: 8.1 and Dedup limitations

Hey Kathy,

1. You can absolutely grow the volume past 16TB in 8.1 (the aggregate will convert from 32bit to 64bit automatically as you add more drives to it)

2. There is no need to un-dedup for any reason.

3. Make sure when adding disks to the aggregate, that they're the same speed/size as the existing disks in the aggregate.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Re: 8.1 and Dedup limitations

On your #3 we are not adding disks that are different speeds but they are a different size..which should not be an issue...we currently do it already.

I.E.. addiing 300G 15K drives to an aggregate that has 450G 15k drives?

Re: 8.1 and Dedup limitations

It's not recommended - but possible.

Have a look at this thread: