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9.4 Cluster LIF rename

I'm attempting to rename a cluster LIF on an AFF A-300 running 9.4p1. When doing the rename, it just adds what I specify as the new name to the end of the existing name rather than replacing the entire name. Are cluster LIFs re-nameable or is there another way to go about doing it? I've tried from both admin and advanced mode on the local node but no luck. See below for an example of what i'm seeing.


Existing LIF name: cluster1-01_clus1 

I'd like to change to cluster1-02_clus1

When trying to change it, my name comes out as cluster1-01_cluster1-02_clus1

My command to make the name change is: net int rename -v Cluster -lif cluster1-01_clus1 -newname cluster1-02_clus1

I just adds the new name to the end of the existing.


Re: 9.4 Cluster LIF rename

Are you able to rename non-Cluster LIFs ok?   



Re: 9.4 Cluster LIF rename

Check all LIFs name, I think you already have the LIF named "cluster1-02_clus1", the LIF name can't be duplicate

Re: 9.4 Cluster LIF rename

I am able to completely re-name non Cluster LIFs. I also tired renaming one of the cluster LIFs to just TEST and all it did, was add TEST to the end of the current name after the underscore, making it cluster1-02_TEST.

Re: 9.4 Cluster LIF rename

Hi all, I have exactly the same issue! Somebody found out what is wrong...Is this a bug? FAS2750 switchless cluster ONTAP 9.4P4 Thanks, Rob

Re: 9.4 Cluster LIF rename

I have test on simulator, I think it's LIFs name duplicate issue.


If you are already have LIF named cluster1-01_clus1 and cluster1-02_clus1, when you want rename cluster1-01_clus1 to cluster1-02_clus1, the system will not let you rename to cluster1-02_clus1, because the cluster1-02_clus1 is already exists, so the LIF name will auto change to cluster1-01_cluster1-02_clus1.

Re: 9.4 Cluster LIF rename

Not the case for me....all LIF's have unique names. Thanks, Rob

Re: 9.4 Cluster LIF rename

it does sound goofy.  I'd open a case and see what support says.  


Re: 9.4 Cluster LIF rename

Did you ever find a solution or explanation for this?

Re: 9.4 Cluster LIF rename

I've observed the same behavior in 9.4P3. renaming cluster role LIFS appends clusX to whatever name you assign automatically.   For example if I rename a cluster lif named clusternameX_clus1 to myspecialinternalname_lif1_e0A , it get's renamed to myspecialinternalname_lif1_e0A_clus1 even though I didn't put the "_clus1" as part of the -newname value.  Not sure if this is a bug or intended feature.  That said I don't generally rename cluster lifs or worry about their naming and generally advice my customers to leave these alone. They're pretty obvious in both system manager and netw int sho,