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9.4 upgrade request body must have


Getting this error,  any body has any idea  ?


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Re: 9.4 upgrade request body must have

Hi there,


It looks like you're trying to upload a new image to the cluster? What web browser are you using and what extensions are present for it on the system?


Try a different browser would be my first suggestion. Potentially if it is the simulator, check how full aggr0 and the vol0 are on it - there may not be enough space on them.

Re: 9.4 upgrade request body must have


Can you give me more details to find the root cause,

  a) Did you try uploading the image using Local Client button?

  b) Which version are you trying to upgrade?

   c) Could you provide the browser name and its version?

Re: 9.4 upgrade request body must have

thanks for all help.  Here is the screen clip of all the questions


I think, we need to change the image file name  ????


I am using the chrome,  vol0 has plenty of space


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Re: 9.4 upgrade request body must have

Those image names seem fine, as does the Chrome version. What extensions do you have installed, and are you accessing this system through a proxy?

Re: 9.4 upgrade request body must have

There is no proxy,  I am accessing this straight from my desktop. The cdot is in ESX host.

Re: 9.4 upgrade request body must have

I was able to upgrade,  thanks all


sim94::> cluster image show-update-progress


                                             Estimated         Elapsed

Update Phase         Status                   Duration       Duration

-------------------- ----------------- --------------- ---------------

Pre-update checks   completed               00:10:00       00:00:13

Data ONTAP updates   completed               00:46:00       00:10:36

Post-update checks   completed               00:10:00       00:00:03

3 entries were displayed.


Updated nodes: sim94-01.





sim94::*> system node image show

                 Is     Is                               Install

Node     Image   Default Current Version                   Date

-------- ------- ------- ------- ------------------------- -------------------


         image1 false   false   9.4                       -

         image2 true   true   9.4P1                     9/12/2018 17:41:30

2 entries were displayed.




Re: 9.4 upgrade request body must have

If this issue comes up again for someone else, could you please post what you did to resolve it?