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99% Used of an empty volume


I'm a complete novice with NetApp.

I've created a volume in OnCommand, then a CIFS share from that. A few days after creating the volume it becomes 99% Used, I can't understand this as the CIFS share has nothing contained within it (hidden and OS files showing). I've thin provisioned the volume and changed the security style but nothing changes this.

I also then grew the volume by an etra 50gb (500gb originally) immediately it was used up 99% Used was again displayed.

I'd appreciate any help please because the filer is running out of space rapidly.


Re: 99% Used of an empty volume

Check to see if snapshots are being created automatically.  Although I can't fathom why the snapshots would use up all the space if the volume isn't being used at all.  If it's indeed snapshots taking up the space, delete the snapshots and also disable the scheduled snapshots creation.  HTH.

Re: 99% Used of an empty volume

Maybe your volume is thin provisioned (volume guarantee=none) and the parent aggregate is full?  Check the output of df -A to see how full the aggregate is and if this freespace is the same as your volume freespace.

Re: 99% Used of an empty volume


Annoyingly I realised that the aggregate is full. I didn't think to check that as the other head has plenty of space. The disks are split 8 and 4 not 6 and 6 to each head.

Thanks for the help.