ACP in (fabric) MetroCluster?

I noticed that examples in FibreBridge installation guide show that ACP is unused. Is it correct that ACP is not supported (and not to be used) in MC? Or can it be used at least for local shelves?

Re: ACP in (fabric) MetroCluster?

According to this pdf:

the ACP is not cabled, which makes sense (it is optional anyway)... If you decide to connect "local" shelfs to a MetroCluster, then you should be able to cable and enable it, but I doubt, that this config will be (or has been) tested thoroughly be NetApp QA ...


Re: ACP in (fabric) MetroCluster?

ACP is currently not supported with the ATTO bridges as it doesn't understand the disk numbering (shelf/bay mapping) and gets confused. I guess it will be fixed at some point but right now you should not use it