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ACP with ATTO 6500N?

All the manuals i read didn't mention the ACP option in combination with an ATTO FibreBridge 6500N.

I am designing one of the first fabric metroclusters with ATTO FibreBridge 6500N (DOT8.1rc2).

Could someone tell me if i should cable the ACP-ports in this configuration?

My opinion is I should NOT cable those ports in a fabric-metrocluster design but I like to be 100% sure.


Re: ACP with ATTO 6500N?

According to this pdf:

I doubt that you should cable the ACP. No need and no connectors on the ATTO devices anyway.


Re: ACP with ATTO 6500N?

ACP must not be used with the ATTO bridges. I don't have a public document ready stating that, but I have seen it multiple times in some tech presentations. The problem is that ACP gets confused by the LUN/disk numbering of the ATTO bridges and might (in extreme cases) power cycle the wrong disk.

It can't hurt to NOT cable ACP, you can always add the cabling later if it turns out to be supported with 8.1 final or something

Better safe than sorry


Re: ACP with ATTO 6500N?

Fot those who have an fieldportal account:

In the FAQ for metroclusters there is an official statement that ACP and ATTO dont need to be cabled together.