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ADP disk layout

After disable ADP or remove ADP is it required to install the software.


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 hi, what is the question ?

Re: ADP disk layout

We have new FAS 2620A stoage . we need to disable ADP .


NetApp Data ONTAP 9.1P7



what is process process of disable ADP

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i don't think there's a public procedure for it. likely as there's no good technical reason to do it. if you really need to, it seems that you need to open a case with your partner or NetApp and ask for the following article:


To disable ADP, follow archive 1015257: Services Partners: How to disable disk auto-partitioning.

Re: ADP disk layout

Boot menu 9 option unpartition will do it [see FAQ] - and then boot maint and manually assign drives, then option 4 boot and wipeinfo. ADP will only kick in during wipeinfo on unassigned drives, unless the procedure you linked has been set - that will do it permanently (or until set-defaults). 


But like Gideon said - I'm curious why you would want to do it. ADP is provided to allow customers to make best use of data efficiency - and turning it off effectively "wastes" 6 disks across an HA pair. You can include data partitions from ADP drives in aggregates of similar sized non-ADP drives.

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Thx Alex,


But i have unable to see the option 9 on  ONTAP version 9.1P7.




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according to the Article Alex provided is available from 9.2 (Beginning with ONTAP 9.2, a new Advanced Drive Partitioning option is available from the Boot Menu that provides additional)


you can upgrade or contact support for the internal article i provided you with...