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AIX chmod 444 fails on NETAPP SNAPLOCK CIFS share


I'm guessing this problem is AIX-related instead of Netapp-related,but maybe someone here can shed some light on this anyway.

I'm setting up a SNAPLOCK implementation with CIFS shares.

When thie CIFS share is accessed through a windows host, everything works fine: when the read-only property is set to the file, the retention lock is instantly activated.

However, when mounting the CIFS share on an AIX host, setting the readonly flag to a file (chmod 444) fails with the following message:

0481-014 chmod: not all requested changes were made to [filename]

The CIFS share was mounted with the following command:

mount -v cifs -n [ip of my netapp controller]/testuser/password /TESTSHARE$ /TESTSHARE

-> I am mounting the share while logged in as root on the AIX system

-> testuser is a local user on the Netapp controller

   and has "Full Control" permissions specified for share TESTHARE$ on the Netapp controller

-> creating, changing and deleting files works fine

Just when I try to set the readonly property for any file on the CIFS share, it doesn't work, leaving the file's properties as -rwxr-xr-x instead of -r--r--r--

Any ideas why AIX is not letting me do a chmod 444 on files on this mounted CIFS share?

I'm guessing this has to do something with an AIX-related setting?

My AIX skills are a bit rusty.

I've made a workaround by setting the autocommit period on the SNAPLOCK volume to 2h,

so when someone places a file on the share, it will be snaplocked down by autocommit a bit later anyway,

this was tested with success.

However I'm still curious about why the chmod is not doing its thing.

Any ideas?

Some AIX  gurus over here?


Re: AIX chmod 444 fails on NETAPP SNAPLOCK CIFS share

Which security stile has shared qtree - unix or ntfs?

Re: AIX chmod 444 fails on NETAPP SNAPLOCK CIFS share

NTFS, should it be set to UNIX ?

Re: AIX chmod 444 fails on NETAPP SNAPLOCK CIFS share

I cannot tell whether it should or not as it depends entirely on your configuration requirements. But it is not possible to change file permissions on NTFS qtree from NFS client. I do not really know what “chmod” on CIFS mount on AIX translates to.

Do you have chance to use NFS?

Re: AIX chmod 444 fails on NETAPP SNAPLOCK CIFS share

I've tried setting the security style of the qtree to UNIX, but I still couldn't do a chmod on files on a mounted CIFS share on AIX.

I've created NFS exports instead as you suggested and chmod 444 works fine now.

I'm still curious about the AIX CIFS thing, I think it should be doable as well. Probably something small related to AIX permissions.

But I'll just use NFS instead, thanks for the suggestion.