API for Aggregate snap reserve?

Are there OnTap API calls for managing aggregate snap reserve, snap schedule and snapshots? All the methods that I see documented are for volumes. Is this a gap, or am I looking in the wrong place?

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Yes, it is confusing. You use target-type to distinguish between volume or aggregate in snap-list, but this parameter is not described for any other API call.

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I can see how that would work for snapshot-list-info, but the documentation does not include an equivalent parameter for other snapshot commands.

So how do we get and set aggregate snap reserve via the API?

Is this am ommision in the coverage of the API?

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Re: API for Aggregate snap reserve?

Unfortunately, there is no setting or getting aggregate snapshot reserve with an API.  You need to use the CLI or the system-cli API.


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Re: API for Aggregate snap reserve?

aggr-set-option lets you enable or disable snap autodelete, but that's the only thing I could find that fits "management".

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I don't see any documentation for system-cli, though a quick search of this forum provided some examples.

This raises a couple of questions though:

1. what is the official view on coding to use the system-cli API method? will this be retained in future versions? Is this call used by any of NetApp's own manangement tools?

2. is there a plan to fill the gaps in the API coverage? Managing the properties of aggregates is hardly a new requirement, so is this an indication that there is not a commitment for the API to be fully functional, or are the gaps being plugged?

We've been told for years that the answer to avoid the pain of screen scraping cli commands, where the return output format is not garanteed to be consistet between versions, is to move to the API. It seems to me that system-cli via the API does not acheive this pain reduction.


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Hi Chris,

     system-cli is a unsupported API. It has been retained till now. I know, quote a few people using it, but all said and done its unsupported.

Not sure about plan for filling the gaps. You could file a RFE for the same.



Re: API for Aggregate snap reserve?

Just an update: An RFE is filed for this.

Re: API for Aggregate snap reserve?

Looks like this is a duplicate thread of

I have already responded to the original thread.

Also, as already mentioned, an RFE bug is filed for addressing the gap.

Re: API for Aggregate snap reserve?

Do you mean that an RFE has been filed to fill the gaps in coverage of the API, or just for aggregate management?

Is there a plan to address the coverage gaps in the API?