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Add Disks to Aggregate FAS250

Hi all,

My FAS250 has 14 HDDs 300GB, FAS250 has 1 aggregate aggr0. aggr0 has 7 hdds with raid_dp. When i add hdds to aggr0, it notice :

"Aggregate size 2.13 TB exceeds limit 2.00 TB

aggr add: Can not add specified disks to the aggregate because the aggregate size limit for this system type would be exceeded."

I used command :

fas1> aggr add aggr0 -d 0b.23 .

How can i add disks to aggr0 ?

I will appreciate any answer !!!


Please read attach file for detail !

Re: Add Disks to Aggregate FAS250

Hi and welcome to the Community!

Well, as the message says - you can't add more disks due to capacity limit on this system. I can't find array maximums for FAS250, so don't know whether this can be improved by ONTAP upgrade (what version is installed now?)

Did you consider creating new aggregate, rather than expanding the existing one?



Re: Add Disks to Aggregate FAS250

Hi Radek,

My NetApp version is:

NetApp Release 7.0.6: Thu Mar 15 19:58:52 PDT 2007

Should i upgrade the version of Data Ontap ?

I really want to add disks to aggr0 for optimize the storage space .

If the disks can not be added to aggr0, i have only way to create another aggregate !

Thanks so much

Re: Add Disks to Aggregate FAS250

Turns out the 2TB limit is the same, even if you upgrade to ONTAP 7.3.6 - so the only option is to create another aggregate I am afraid.

Re: Add Disks to Aggregate FAS250

You cannot have aggregates larger than 2.00 TB on a FAS250/270. This is a design limitation because of the little RAM these boxes have.

You might try to upgrade to 7.3.6 anyway, because there was a change (for 2000 series at least) where the limit would be the net size of the aggregate (i.e. what you get by "df- Ah"), with OnTap 7.0 the parity disks also counted towards this limit.

So after an upgrade you might be able to squeeze in two more disks into your aggregate. But in general, you should think about upgrading to a newer system ;-)


Re: Add Disks to Aggregate FAS250

7.3 does not count parity disks against total aggregate capacity, so upgrading will help. It will allow to add several disks more than was possible in 7.0.

Re: Add Disks to Aggregate FAS250

This is true in general. However,  Synergy SDS is showing 7x 300GB spindles as the max aggregate size for FAS250 with ONTAP 7.3 (7.0 is not even on the list).

Not sure whether synergy is lying, or not - best case scenario, you can add 3 extra disks after upgrade to 7.3.