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Add disk to aggregate


I have replaced a broken SAS disk, how should I do to asign the disk to the filer. It suposed to be asagin to aggr1?




Re: Add disk to aggregate

Hi Tobias

Please check first if the option disk.auto_assign is set to on or off. If it is set to on, you should be all fine (you can check if there is an unassigned disk in your system with the command: disk show -n), otherwise you have to assign the disk by yourself with the command: disk assign (disk name).

You don't have to assign the disk to a specific aggregate. The disk will go directly to the spare pool and act as online spare. As your disk broke, it got immediately replace by a disk out of the spare pool to bring the raid group back to normal operation and your new disk will replace this disk that was taken out of the spare pool.

Hope this helps.



Re: Add disk to aggregate

When disk failed, aggregate should have been rebuilt on spare. Now new disk will become spare. If auto assignment did not happen (e.g. because stack is shared by two controllers), you need to assign disk to controller explicitly using “disk assign” command.

Re: Add disk to aggregate

I could just run "disk assagin 3QQ2CMD200009016BQT4" and it will act as a online spare, is that correct?

fassec02> disk show -n

  DISK       OWNER                      POOL   SERIAL NUMBER         HOME

------------ -------------              -----  -------------         -------------

2c.01.13     Not Owned                  NONE   3QQ2CMD200009016BQT4


Re: Add disk to aggregate

disk assign 2c.01.13