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Advanced Drive Partitioning and data aggregate

Hello guys,


we have FAS2554 with 48x 6Tb drives deployed with Advanced Drive Partitioning enabled. 24 drives per each controller


I want to create 2 data aggreagtes one per controller.

I know that I can create aggreagte from 12 normal drives (5.35Tb) and then add the drives from data partition ( 5.3Tb) but they would need to be in different raid group and we will loose additional 3 drives ( raid tec)


Is there any option to create that data aggregate and have all drives in one raid group to not loose additional drives for next parity?



Re: Advanced Drive Partitioning and data aggregate

For drives with a 6TB or larger marketing capacity, maximum RAID-DP raidgroup size is 14, so with 24 disks, you need to go to 2 raidgroups.


Fortunately, with ONTAP 9.1 and later, you can use RAID-TEC, with triple parity.


My suggestion would be to upgrade to 9.1, then use the internal ADP drives to create a single aggregate with a single RAID-TEC raidgroup of 23 disks (with 1 spare, or 24 without) for ~95TB usable, and then on the other controller, use the external drives in the same sort of configuration - single aggr single RAID-TEC raidgroup with ~96TB usable.


Hope this helps!

Re: Advanced Drive Partitioning and data aggregate

Hello Alex,


thanks for your reply I will keep that in mind for future deployments.


Right now I couldn't destroy both aggregates at one time due to having some data on them. So I had to move volumes from one aggregate to another to be able to destroy one.


Actually  now I have created data aggreagte with ADP disk drives and then I extended that aggregate with external disks. I lost 50g from every external drive beacuse they have scaled to the ADP drives but with this configuration I can have RAID-TEC data aggregate with only one raid group (size 22 and 2 spares) and I am not losing 3 drives for next raid group parity