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After breaking SM CIFS 32-bit Volume contained inside 64 bit-aggr , what happens to all 32-bit snaps

Hi All,


I have a CIFS volume of size 4TB of which 800 GB is 32-bit snapshots, the volume is part of the older 32-bit aggr Mirrored to 64-bit aggregate.


My questions : When the SnapMirror is broken, what happens to all the 32-bit snaps ?  

Do they remain as is once the Mirror is broken-off, and becomes useless ? Any idea ?


Even if I do in-place upgrade to 64 bit on the source, 32-bit are locked inodes so they cannot be anyway  expanded so they are useless. Is it a good idea to copy those snaps to anthoner 32-bit aggregate, just in case we need to retreive a file from previous snapshot ?