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After cf takeover partner volumes not accessible

Hello I'm have 2x FAS3020c and 2x DSK14MK2 shelfs

Each shelfs connected to each filler.

Each filler see parner disk by command disk show -v

For test i use command cf takeover

After takeover complete, filer get  network interfaces of partner.

But partner volumes not accessible  after takeover.

How to solve this problem ?

Thank you for your replays.


Re: After cf takeover partner volumes not accessible

is the cabling multipathing configured properly.

The network interfaces would would no doubt failover with the presence of the "partner" statement in the RC file and if similar interfaces are configured in the other filer also.

Only thing I doubt is cabling might have gone wrong or MPHA not configured properly


Re: After cf takeover partner volumes not accessible

Is this a Clustered ONTAP system, or a 7-mode system?

In Clustered ONTAP there is no longer an RC file like in 7-mode.  Network LIFs failover to the partner or other nodes in the cluster based on failover-groups.  The access to the volumes should remain the same but if the LIF failed over to a port that was not in the same network this will cause an outage.

Also.  If this is a clustered ONTAP system you should be using the storage failover command form the cluster shell and not using the CF commands from the node shell.

Doug Moore

Professional Services Consultant - CMET

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