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Aggregate spanning to external disks on FAS2020...

Needing to add 300GB FC/15k disks to an aggregate of 300GB/15K SAS internal disks on a FAS2020. I thought I was told this could be done but it requires a certain rev of OnTap. Has anyone done this yet? What version of OnTap is required? I did try in 7.2.2L1 but error about adding different type of disks wasn't allowed.




Re: Aggregate spanning to external disks on FAS2020...

Great question Mike, and as this appears to be your first post - Welcome to the Communities!

So, to address your question - Yes you can do this!

Indeed 7.2.2L1 did not support this, the support for this came about in 7.2.4L1 (Though I'd advise going to if your environment will support it)

The reference for this is here:

Common aggregates between external and internal disks

I'm writing this with Chrome (and lack intelligent HTML editing power in the writing window - so I'll repost the table from IE or Firefox)

Thanks for your question Mike, and as for this working, I performed this very same function on a 2050 yesterday!



Re: Aggregate spanning to external disks on FAS2020...

And here is the table!

Aggregates spanning disks are supported in the following configurations:

If your internal drives are ...Aggregates can span external drives that are ...
TypeSpeed (in RPM)Disk shelfTypeSpeed
SATA7200DS14mk2 ATSATA7200

Thanks again!

Re: Aggregate spanning to external disks on FAS2020...


I found that link just a short while ago. Thought I had heard this info when 7.2.4L1 was announced.

Will upgrade to Set aggr raidsize to 11 (lock current aggr0/rg0 in place) then add 4 disks using aggr add aggr0 -d, readjust raidsize back to 16 and add 9 more FC disks, leaving one spare.

Unless someone has a more detailed procedure? I did see an article about heterogeneous drive pool... but dont think I need to get that detailed...