Aggregates with AZCS checksums in 8.1


I just tried (within the 8.1 simulator) to create an aggregate with the new AZCS checksums. But I'm getting this error:

netapp*> aggr create aggr1 -B 64 -T SATA -c advanced_zoned -t raid_dp 4

aggr create: Invalid checksum type 'advanced_zoned' specified.


aggr create <aggr-name>

          [-f] [-L [compliance | enterprise]]

          [-B {32|64}]

          [-m] [-n] [-r <raid-group-size>] [-R <rpm>]

          [-c {block | zoned | advanced_zoned}]

          [-T {ATA | BSAS | FCAL | FSAS | LUN | SAS | SATA | SSD}]

          [-t {raid4 | raid_dp}] [-v [-l <language-code>]] <disk-list>


What am I doing wrong?



Re: Aggregates with AZCS checksums in 8.1

I am not sure AZCS applies to arbitrary disk types (at least, for now). I got impression that currently it applies only to new high density shelf.