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Allocating memory

In a dataset where a single snapvault relationship is configured, during the "remote backup" job phase , in the "completed job steps" there are several :

"allocating memory" event descriptions ...

Job hangs because it continuosly allocate memory until the machine memory ends..

The first step is "start" ---> "Back up data from node Primary data to node Backup of dataset vol1_cifs (23883) with hourly retention"

The second step is "progress"    --->  "allocating memory"

The third step is "progress"  --->  "Retry to configure and initiate a null snapshot target on the secondary volume: snap-netapp:/vol/snap_vol1."

after this every minute a "progress" with "allocating memory was created ........

I've tried to restart service, to reboot machine and i 've upgraded from 5.0 to 5.0.1

it seems a nightmare!!

many thanks.


Re: Allocating memory

Hi Mauro,

     What version of ONTAP is the controller running ? This error message is directly coming from the controller. Looks like your controller is out of ndmp kernel threads.

A reboot of the controller would this issue.



Re: Allocating memory

It works!

The filer was in !!

After a reboot it works..

I've also upgraded filer to 7.3.6P5.

Many thanks.



Re: Allocating memory

Yes there is a problem in the version of ONTAP for ndmpl kernal thread leaks.

Below is the link to the NOW public report.

I want to know your ONTAP version before I could reference this bug.