Atto FibreBridge 6500N Management Ports

Hello all!

How can I better use the second management port on Atto FibreBridges? I don't understand how they can add value to the solution.

Is it adding another management IP address plugged in another management switch? It does not seem very nice...

Is it possible to trunk both management ports for failover?

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Pedro Rocha.

Re: Atto FibreBridge 6500N Management Ports


If you take a look for metrocluster configuration guide you can see, that only one management port per ATTO is used in there.

I don't see why you couldn't configure both ports with seperate ip addresses, but if I remeber correctly, there is no trunking possibility.

There is also second SAS port you can't use with NetApp.

I think the main reason is because it's product from Atto, and it's not only for NetApp environments.

It's also cheaper to manufacture one model with two ports than two seperate models.

So far, I haven't configure any ATTOs with two management ports, maybe I use the second port, when the first breaks



Re: Atto FibreBridge 6500N Management Ports

Hey Ismo,

Yes, I saw we only use the first port. But I also saw on another NetApp document that you might want to configure the second one, although the document does not justify why we would want to do it.

In the end, it is just curiosity...


Pedro Rocha.