Autosupport problem in DataONTAP 8.0


I need some help with autosupport function.

I have a problem with autosupport in DataONTAP version 8.0. (je Data ONTAP Release 8.0 7-Mode). I have set up autosupport settings.

1. If i test autosupport from Filerview it does not send anything, also there is nothing in logs (/etc/messages) about triggering the test.

2.If i power off one of the power supply on the shelf or on the controller, there are lines in logs, for example (shelf fault, configuration error). There also lines about sending autosupport logs. But nothing goes out, no emails.

3. If i trigger options autosupport.doit TEST in CLI, then there are also lines in logs and email ((USER_TRIGGERED (test)) INFO ) goes out.

The problem is the same on IBM Nseries with that DataONTAP version.

So email goes out only if i trigger autosupport test in CLI.

Is configuration in 8.0 somehow different than in 7 version? Do i need to set up some other options?

Is this bug?

Please help

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Re: Autosupport problem in DataONTAP 8.0

Is your email address in "options" ?  In ONTAP 7.3+ this new option was added.. if you are only listed in "options" you won't get the weekly or test emails.

Re: Autosupport problem in DataONTAP 8.0

Thank you!

I have entered my address also in "options", but it does not send autosupport from filerview.

But it works in CLI.

So the problem is the same .

Any other option?

br, klemen

Re: Autosupport problem in DataONTAP 8.0

This might be worth opening a case on...probably something simple, but it is odd that filerview doesn't work but cli doesn't.  When both trigger the same asup test event.  When you trigger the asup from filerview, are there ay errors in messages/console?

Re: Autosupport problem in DataONTAP 8.0

Hi Scott!

When i trigger from filerview there are no errors, warning or info (that autosupport was triggered) in messages in console.

Messages are only in console if i trigger from CLI.

Messages are also in console if there is something wrong (failed disk,....) but mail does not go out.

Probably i should open a case