BMC - How to change IP-Address ?


we use a FAS2040 (8.1.1 7-Mode) and have to change the IP-address and the gateway on the BMC.


bmc shell -> bmc config

ipaddr         :

netmask        :

gateway        :

mac            :00:a0:98:29:fd:b9

dhcp           :off

link           :up

autoneg        :enabled

speed          :100

duplex         :full

When I'm on the BMC I'm using the following command (to set the new gateway and ip-address):

bmc shell -> bmc config gateway ipaddr

... and - no changes (and no errors).

What's wrong?

Thank you.

Re: BMC - How to change IP-Address ?

use the bmc setup command from Data OnTap (not from the BMC console)