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BMC not accessible


I have 2 FAS2040 in HA mode. On both of them I used to be able to connect to the BMC. Today one of the two wont let me login. It does not even prompt for a user/password. it only says : server unexpectedly closed network connection. I can ping the IP address though. And if I log in to the FAS2040 and type bmc status I get this :

crpar1b> bmc status

        Baseboard Management Controller:

                Firmware Version:   1.3

                IPMI version:       2.0

                DHCP:               off

                BMC MAC address:    00:XXXXXXXXX

                IP address:

                IP mask:  

                Gateway IP address:

                BMC ARP interval:   10 seconds

                BMC has (1) user:   naroot

                ASUP enabled:       on

                ASUP mailhost:

                ASUP from:          zgzegzegzg

                ASUP recipients:    sdvsdvsdv

                Uptime:             483 Days, 14:25:03

crpar1b> version

NetApp Release 8.1 7-Mode: Thu Mar 29 13:54:17 PDT 2012


Any idea on what could be happening here ?


Re: BMC not accessible

In case it might help someone, I just did a "bmc reboot" and it is working again.

This operation does not do any harm ! our CIFS shares were still accessible during the reboot in case you're wondering