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Backing up Netapp FAS2040 NAS volume


I have a FAS2040 NAS volume created for my domain users. I would like to use Backupexec 2010 (on one of my Windows 2008 server connected with HP Autoloader) to backup the data on the NAS.

What is the recommened backup strategy?

1) using NDMP? Is my scenario valid to user NDMP option?

2) backup Snapshot via Backup Exec to tape

Thanks in advance


Backing up Netapp FAS2040 NAS volume


1) Would be a good option, as BE-2010 has NDMP support builtin to the product. Make sure to have the volume language appended with .UTF-8 to be able to guarantee the restore of characters out-of-bound of the standard US character set. (like ä,ö,ü etc)

2) Is also possible, but would end in Full-Backups, beacuse the snapshot is read-only and BE-2010 woud not be able to reset the archive bit.

I'd prefer Option 1.


Backing up Netapp FAS2040 NAS volume

Thanks for the clarification