Backup configuration of FAS2020,FAS2040

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I have setup few netapp systems and i have a really serious question!!What can i do if one of my systems crashes?Is there a way to backup the configuration(networking, hostnames e.t.c) of my systems?Can i restore a system from the files that i get from autosupport mail?

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Re: Backup configuration of FAS2020,FAS2040

Yes to both. You can use any standard backup method to preserve system volume content and you can manually reconfigure system based on ASUP information. You can also use “configure” command to create configuration snapshot (you still need to backup it somewhere).

There is some configuration information (notably igroups) for which location is not known. I do not know whether it will be restored by “configure” or even full vol0 backup/restore. So you may need to do some manual adjustments anyway.

Re: Backup configuration of FAS2020,FAS2040

We hit an odd issue with config restore where it always restores local users but not groups. Even if a default group the restore will not assign a group to he user so some useradmin modify is needed since restore wipes out group membership to local users.. Also add in non default groups back and exactly what you said igroups an Lun mappings since those are missed on the dump. It doesnt recreate Cifs credentials but does recreate shares only of you use the -v option in config dump. So use -v and rejoin the domain before config restore. It restores dns, exports and most etc files just fine. I prefer just a full snapmirror of a root volume then as long as every volume and Lun exists at that point in time at the root backup, a restore of etc and reboot should bring all settings back especially the registry entries. Config restore will bring a lot of settings but not all. Almost like it wasn't updated when San came in ontap. Autosupport is a great way to confirm everything like you mentioned

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Thank you, I forgot that user information is not actually part of ASUP (I work almost entirely in environments where it does not matter - either SAN or NFS, where local accounts do not exist). But even root password will probably not be restored in this case.

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Domain users don't restore from config dump either. I guess the best restore is to have a copy of root etc to restore then mark that volume as root to bring exact settings. As long as all other volumes match. Config dump is really valuable but just misses several things. But still a time saver. We use it to move settings into vfilers too and fix the caveats of missing settings.

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