Backup for Exchange 2007 CCR

Basically I would like to ask what is the best practice to backup Exchange 2007 CCR with SME? Is it only backup for the active node? Or backup from the target node only?

My current setup:

The DB LUN for both nodes are resides in the same volume, the backup schedule is configured at both node and run at the same time. Snapmirror update is required after the backup. But on and off, the snapmirror is not being update, but the backup is successful.

I also integrated with Protection Manager for the archive portion, so there are two datasets being created in the Protection Manager. The archive part also faced the same problem. Sometimes, both nodes are update correctly, but sometimes only one node is running.

Re: Backup for Exchange 2007 CCR


You can back up both the active and the passive nodes in a Continuous Cluster Replica (CCR) environment in Exchange Server 2007. The best practice though is to backup the passive node to reduce the load on the active server.

For best practices related to Exchange Server can be found in TR-3578.


Sourav Chakraborty

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