Backup to disk over Fibre? NDMP?


we are currently doing our Backups to tape with NDMP and Backup Exec 2010 R3. IBM LTO5 tape drive is directly attached via FC to our filers. We get a pretty good throughput at around 5000MB/min.

Now we would like to do our backups to disk instead of tape. We tried this but the throughput is really bad. Around 1000MB/min. We noticed that the data is coming in via Ethernet. We installed a fibre card in our Backup server but now we are stuck how to proceed. Is there a way to have the data transfer between the server and the filers via fibre?

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Re: Backup to disk over Fibre? NDMP?

Can you run multiple streams from the backup server over different network interfaces?  That may help... NDMP has a direct 4 or 8GB connection to tape and is direct where the media server is both reading and writing... or maybe switch to SnapVault as a backup option for data already on NetApp?

Re: Backup to disk over Fibre? NDMP?

Were you using 1GbE or 10GbE when trying to backup data over Ethernet?

Re: Backup to disk over Fibre? NDMP?

Were using 1GbE. Maybe I can get a better throughput using MPIO? Currently the backup server is running Etherchannel.

Re: Backup to disk over Fibre? NDMP?

What type of backup disk are you using?

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configuring NDMP to Disk automatically goes over IP. Using a 10GE Connectivity will help you with the throughput. what is the reason why you want to change to diskbackups? what type of storage do you use for B2D? NetApp Snapvault could be an option with the trade off that this backup is managed outside of BackupExec