Backups with SnapManager for Exchange

I have Snap Manager for Exchange 6.5 installed on my Exchange Server 2010 DAG cluster. I would like to backup to tape once a month to satisfy our long term retention requirement. Currently we do not own SnapProtect, but we are licensed for Backup Exec 2012. Would backing up a full monthly with Backup Exec 2012 cause any issues with the current Snap Manager for Exchange backups?

I know you can mount the ".recent" snapshots with an additional machine and backup the logs and databases directly or NDMP the entire Lun. Does anyone have other suggestions of how to get these backups to tape and still allow mailbox item level recovery without additional third party software?

Thanks in advance

Re: Backups with SnapManager for Exchange

Hello Steve,

Please refer to TR-4051 which covers this scenario.