Bare-metal restore with OSSV

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Hi all,

we're thinking about switching from dataprotector (backup to tape) to OSSV regarding our server (Windows, RHEL5) backup.

My concern about OSSV hower is, that it doesn't support bare-metal restore and therefore that it takes quite a bit of time to restore a server.

Does anyone have some good tipps / solutions regarding bare-metal restore respectively how to reduce restore times?

I know about syncsorts backup express which is able to do bare-metal restores in combination with OSSV but I don't need a complete backup solution.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Bare-metal restore with OSSV


Well, as you pointed out OSSV can't do BMR, so if you want that functionality, you have to consider a 3rd party product.

Syncsort is an interesting choice, indeed, but it effectively replaces OSSV agents with their own ones, capable of 'talking' to the SnapVault target on the NetApp filer.

The other option could be e.g. Backup Exec System Recovery, which does what it says on the tin and requires any secondary disk space to function, but is not integrated in any form or shape with SnapVault.