Baseline and remove lun


I have a question about snapvault.

I remove on de source site a LUN from an Volume, en make a new LUN on the same volume with the same name. De difference is the new one is 40Gb and the old one was 120Gb.

When a start teh replication to the destination i see an this snapvault "san01-a(xxxxxxx)_sv_san02a_exc_storagegroup_9-base.0"  is this a new base line? and a see a new snapshot "exc_storagegroup_9.0" 

The question is can i remove the snapshot " san01-a(xxxxxxx)_sv_san02a_exc_storagegroup_9-base.0"  ?




Re: Baseline and remove lun

does snapvault status -l show that snapshot as the baseline snap?  Does that same snap exist on source and target in the retention time on either node?  If not then should be able to delete it... if an old snap left from the prior vault.