Beginner question about snapmirror...


I m new with snapmirror and I have some troubles with my config!

The message I m receiving is :"

Tue Dec 27 15:05:00 CET [AFDB_DR_NSERIES_HAUT: replication.dst.err:error]: SnapMirror:

destination transfer from AFDB_NSERIES_HAUT:vol_1 to vol_2 : volume is not online; cannot execute operation.

I m planning to use lan for async replication.

1/ in the config file for snapmirror should I put the relation between filer by using filer name or Ip adress?

2/ when i try to ping the DR filer i have no response (by maybe it is because the ping is forbidden)

but from dr site when i ping the principal filer


ping: wrote 64 chars, error=No route to host

ping: wrote 64 chars, error=No route to host

I have set the gateway what can I do  to find the error?

Re: Beginner question about snapmirror...

I would check connectivity between the systems first. If ping is blocked via a firewall, I would see if you can get it released for testing. That would allow you to look into trace route, etc between the filers. As far as IP or name goes, I often use the name but either make sure your DNS is setup correctly and/or that you have the names/ips entered in the host file on the filer.


Re: Beginner question about snapmirror...

Often is the case that you will NAT the real ip address on each side of the firewall, the VPN does the translation to the real IP's.  Your host file on each system should contain the VPN NAT address, not the real address.  No route means it has no way of contacting the other host, probably becasue you are using the real IP and not the NAT ip.  Just a guess