Best Practice for SQL LUNs

Hi guys.  Are there any best practice for SQL LUNs (e.g. fractional reserve, snap-reserve, etc.)?  Basically, I am going to have 2 LUNs (one for Dbs & the other for Logs) in 1 Volume.  I won't keep any snapshots other than rolling snapshots that will be replicated over to DR.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Best Practice for SQL LUNs


Try reading this doc - not particularly long one!

Ideally logs and DBs should be kept in separate volumes for backup/recovery granularity.

Fractional reserve is a very tricky topic, but the latest recommendation is to keep it at low level (few percent), so SMSQL can delete snapshots when volume is running out of space (on top of that, volume should be set to auto-grow, but that is fairly universal tip these days).


Re: Best Practice for SQL LUNs

Excellent link -- definitely worth reading.

Will SnapManager for SQL be involved? If so, the sizing is definitely a bit more complex (well covered in the documentation and worth it for the extra features).