Bringing a cluster stream back up

I am currently in a waiting for switchback mode. I have noticed that a few of my cluster streams show up as admin-satae down.

Is there any way to restart a cluster stream or forcefully bring it back up?


<clusterA>::*> metrocluster check config-cluster stream show

direction tag   baseline-state admin-state empty-queue stream-storage-location error-msg
--------- ----- -------------- ----------- ----------- ----------------------- ---------
sender       84 failed         down        true        /clus/.cserver/<MDV Volume 1>/crs-sender-queues
receiver     83 complete       up          true        /clus/.cserver/<MDV Volume 2>/crs-receiver-queues
2 entries were displayed.


Can I manually bring up the admin-state of sender to 'up'?

Re: Bringing a cluster stream back up

the problem is not the down state but the failed state. This is a issue that should not occur and that should be dealt with in a support case.