CIFS + Map Drive Letter Permission

Hello Guys,

A have one FAS2050 model and i want to share this equipament with some different customer, using by CIFS.

I would link to create the volume as required by each customer and put one kind of secure that one customer don't map de volume from other ones. Is it possible?

All customers has access from same network.

I think that authentication maybe by owner netapp, bacause one customer has domain controller and others not...

I have already tried to add ACL to one user customer_xxx with permission change (rwx) and other ACL for everyone with permission No Access and i tested to mount and nothing...

Thank you.


CIFS + Map Drive Letter Permission


I think basically what you are doing is going to be a very painful experience, if you ever get it to work at all.  Sharing a single NetApp easily among different authentication domains is normally done by using (and buying) the Multistore license and splitting up your storage unit into multiple virtual filers (vfilers).

You are going to have to do some reading on setting up local users and mapping them and somehow getting authentication to work on a filer that is already attached to a windows AD domain.  I'm not even sure if it is at all possible.