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CIFS migration between Filers


New to Netapp.  But we want to migrate CIFS shares (& permissions) from an existing 2020 to a 3040 filer.

Various solutions have been suggested, using robocopy, secure copy, backup & restore etc.

Another idea was to move the shelf and put it with the 3040, this was disregarded as it's still being used for other production data.

Is there a way of SnapMirroring and keeping the ACL's?

thanks for your help.


Re: CIFS migration between Filers

SnapMirror is actually the best option IMHO. It copies all ACLs and works online.

Get SnapMirror demo license (they're good for 90 days), mirror the data incrementally during normal working hours and when you're ready, deactivate CIFS on the old filer, do a final "snapmirror update" and activate your CIFS shares on the new filer.

You can use NetBios aliases to give your new filer the same name as the old one, if needed


Re: CIFS migration between Filers

SnapMirror preserves files ACLs but it does not copy share definitions (and their ACLs respectively). Shares has to be setup manually on destination.

Re: CIFS migration between Filers

you can sort of "quick-migrate" the share settings & permissions by copying the respective lines from filer:/vol/vol0/etc/cifsconfig_share.cfg, feel free to open it with eg. wordpad.

Re: CIFS migration between Filers

j'ai réaliser la meme operation pour mon entreprise. la methode est simple.

copier le volume via ndmpcopy

puis copier le fichier /etc/cifsconfig_shares.cfg

au prealable modifier ce fichier pour pointer vers le bon volume au cas ou celui ci a changer de nom

Re: CIFS migration between Filers

Re: CIFS migration between Filers

Thanks to all that replied.

We used the solution of Snap mirror - breaking the mirror etc.

We then copied the share info from the 2050 and pasted it into a putty session on the 3140.

Apart from a couple of hicups it all worked perfectly.

Thanks again.