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California Dreaming (in RTP): Next generation data storage

Yesterday I decided that I would allow myself to dream about what the next generation of storage would look like, with no preconceptions or limitations.  Just dream about what it would look like.  This is  what I came up with.  Then I started to think that perhaps some of the brilliant minds here at Netapp could begin to answer how such a thing could come to be, and maybe answer what types of innovations would have to happen to enable such a thing (or perhaps how we are already starting to deliver on this or similar dreams).

I hope others will add here as well to the "requirements list"  .

  • This storage must never, ever lose data and the notion of backups will be obsolete.  There is no need to backup what is inherently protected.
  • The next generation storage must be able to not only create snapshots at a certain point in time, it must do so continuously and keep all known states of data so that rollback is possible without prior planning.
  • The storage device must be distributed so that data never is tied to a single place.
  • The storage must perform at speeds orders of magnitude faster than anything available today.
  • The storage must be able to store data in a density / volume size heretofore unimagined.
  • The storage will be "self aware" with inherent searchable capability - data not only is never lost it is always found easily.
  • Others???



@adamgross  -- Don't you mean network attached soda fountain?


California Dreaming (in RTP): Next generation data storage

Direct attached soda fountain.

California Dreaming (in RTP): Next generation data storage

- data must be able to move/convert/copy/replicate anywhere/anytime/anyoften


(is "anyoften" a word?)