Can Snapmirror Volume would be Read/Write 24*7


Please let me know can Secondary Snapmirror Volume would be Read/Write 24*7 so that if i create a clones of secondary snapmirror volume it will also be available Read/Write 24*7..........Can it be possible ???

As per my understanding so far Snapmirror Volumes are read only and if i create a clone of it then that will also be a read only where as to make a Clone writeable we need to split the realation ship of  Snapmirror.

Kindly suggest where is the gap asap...........



Re: Can Snapmirror Volume would be Read/Write 24*7

Hello Rohit,

when a source volume and destination volume are in snapmirrored state and you schedule the relation ship between to update secondary volume then destination will be read- only, untill and unless you break the relation ship between the existing the volumes then the  snapmirrored destination volume can be read and write. when you clone the secondary volume it can be read and write when you split it from parent volume.

Re: Can Snapmirror Volume would be Read/Write 24*7


Do not mix to things:

Cloning of the SnapMirror destination doesn't allow to change anything in the parent volume, yet you logically see a full, read/write accessible entity. So taking this further, if you change every single block in your clone, you will effectively create a 100% size capacity overhead. Or - if you wish to do so - you can split the clone earlier & you straight away have two physical copies: one read-only parent & the new read/write accessible child volume.

Bottom line: you can write to the clone, no matter whether you split it, or not.