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Can someone explain items in "snapvault snap sched"


Why does "preserve=default,warn=0" show up on sv_vol_s?

Why it there not a "create sv_vol_d 0@-"?

I just created a new snapvault schedule for sv_vol_d

secondary-02> snapvault snap sched -x sv_vol_d sv_daily 30@mon-sun@223

secondary-02> snapvault snap sched

xfer   sv_vol_d sv_daily 30@mon-sun@22 preserve=default,warn=0

create sv_vol_s  0@-

xfer   sv_vol_s sv_daily 30@mon-sun@22

xfer   sv_vol_s sv_weekly 12@sat@23

This is on the primary:

primary-01> snapvault snap sched

create vol_d sv_daily 1@mon-sun@22

create vol_d sv_weekly 1@sat@23

create vol_s sv_daily 1@mon-sun@22

create vol_s sv_weekly 1@sat@23


Can someone explain items in "snapvault snap sched"

Welcome to the community

They are new with DoT 8.0.1 and I had to phone up and ask.  Documented now however.

snapvault snap sched -x -o preserve=on,warn=warn_count vol_name snap_name n@mon-fri@0-23

  • -x—specifies the transfer of new data from all primary paths before creating the SnapVault Snapshot copy.
  • -o—sets user-configurable options for this SnapVault Snapshot copy schedule.
  • preserve—can take one of the following values.
    • on—Creates and preserves the SnapVault archive Snapshot copies until the retention limit is reached. Thereafter, SnapVault does not create archive Snapshot copies.
    • off—Automatically deletes the oldest archived SnapVault Snapshot copy to create a new Snapshot copy when the number of Snapshot copies reaches the configured limit in the SnapVault schedule.
    • default—The preserve setting depends on the global snapvault.preservesnap setting.
  • warn—sends out the warning EMS and SNMP alerts when the remaining number of SnapVault scheduled Snapshot copies for a target reaches the warn_count limit set. This option can have a value from 0 to n - 1.
  • n@mon-fri@0-23 is the number of SnapVault Snapshot copies to preserve along with the list of hours or days and is the schedule to trigger the SnapVault target snapshot creation.

Hope it helps


Re: Can someone explain items in "snapvault snap sched"

Hi Brendon

I was reading your answer and maybe you can help mi with...

What is the way that I can delete the snapvault snap sched that I configured before?

Thanks in Advance!!!

Re: Can someone explain items in "snapvault snap sched"

snapvault snap unsched <volume> sv_<hourly/nightly/weekly> <schedule>

Re: Can someone explain items in "snapvault snap sched"

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