Can't see e0M on a netapp 2040

I've got a virgin netapp2040  running ontap 8.2 that i'm attempting to configure.  I understand that the management port (port with wrench icon) is connected to both BMC and e0M.  I have configured BMC and am able to connect fine; however, I am unable to configure e0M.  Doing an ifconfig -a on either controller does not display e0M.  I have the shared port connected to a dedicated network that is in a different subnet than the system's gateway.  I am unsure if this is a system problem or an understanding / configuration problem on my end and appreciate any help.


Re: Can't see e0M on a netapp 2040

Fas2040 does not have e0M and is not supported with 8.2. Are you sure you get model.

Re: Can't see e0M on a netapp 2040

Sorry, 8.2 was a typo.  It is running 8.1.  Unless i'm reading incorrectly, the 2040's "wrench port" is a common interface for BMC and e0M.  Can you point me to documentation that says otherwise? 

Re: Can't see e0M on a netapp 2040

wrench port is for BMC.