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Can you have multiple vfilers in a single dataset?

I have OnCommand 5.X deployed and is managing two FAS3270s in a 7-Mode HA configuration.  I have created a resource pool with the aggregates and the controllers.  I have a need for a single dataset, using vfilers, to include more storage than what can be offered by one of the 3270s.  For that reason I figured I need two vfilers, so I created one on each controller.  When I create the dataset I associate it with one of the vfilers, however I can't figure out how to associate it with the second vfiler.  I tried to Edit the dataset and add the second vfiler as a physical resource, but it gave me some odd error message, something to do with the second vfiler does not belong to the first one.

My hope was that as I created shares in the dataset that OnCommand would spread the load across the two filers/vfilers (i.e. the first share on vfiler1, the second on vfiler2, the third on vfiler1, and the forth on vfiler4, and so on).  Or at the very least, once it realizes that one of the filers no longer has enough space to satisfy my request, go to the other filer/vfiler.  Note that I'm *not* trying to create just one share that would be spread across two controllers, I know that isn't possible.

So, before I bang my head against the wall trying to make this work, can someone save me the trouble if they know OnCommand simply wasn't designed to do this?  Or, if you have any ideas how I should be able to do this, I would appreciate hearing that as well.


Keith Cantrell

Re: Can you have multiple vfilers in a single dataset?

Hi Keith,

          Provisioning Manager allows only 1 vfiler Per Dataset for primary provisioning. So in order to achieve your requirement, why don't you create two dataset, with each one vfiler ?

If you are only looking at protecting vfiler primaries, which are already provisioned, then more than one vfiler is supported in a dataset( only caveat, primary provisioning policy should not be applied to the dataset).



rle Netapp Alumni

Re: Can you have multiple vfilers in a single dataset?

Hi Adai,

Are you stating that a dataset can't have 2 vfilers?  I thought you could have one for the primary storage and one for the secondary storage. And if that is true, can't you have a primary provisioning policy and a protection policy?


   - Rick -

Re: Can you have multiple vfilers in a single dataset?

Hi Rick,

     Let me restate what I said,

  1. Provisioning Manger Doesnt allow creation of more than one vfiler per dataset.
  2. Also when a provisioning policy is attached the primary of a dataset more than one vfiler cant be added to the primary.
  3. But more than one vfiler can be part of the primary of a dataset if primary provisioning policy is not attached.
  4. 1 vfiler on primary and 1 vfiler on secondary with dataset having primary and secondary provisioning policy is allowed and supported.