Cannot complete operation on channel 1c; link is DOWN

Hi all,

I see the following message when I execute:

fcadmin device_map


=> Cannot complete operation on channel 1c; link is DOWN

The following command:

storage show disk -p


0c.16B                 10
0c.17B                 11
0c.18B                 12


There are some disks without a secundary.

I have made a drawing and this seems a failover fiber loop that doesn't behave as expected.

I have a few questions about this:

1. Why is the system status normal?

2. If I pull this fiber and reseat it, this won't have any impact right?

3. How can I be sure that this is an issue with the fiber and not with the controller?

4. storage show adapter shows:

Slot:        1c
Description: Fibre Channel Host Adapter 1c (QLogic 2432 rev. 3)
Firmware Rev:4.5.2
FC Node Name:2:000:0024ff:6c8c52
FC Port Name:2:100:0024ff:6c8c52

FC Packet Size:  2048

Link Data Rate:  1 Gbit

SRAM Parity: Yes

External GBIC:   No

State:       Disabled
In Use:      No


I tried enabling it but it failed:

delng153> storage enable adapter 1c

Host adapter 1c enable succeeded


Fri Nov  9 11:40:37 CET [delng153: fci.adapter.onlining:info]: Onlining Fibre Channel adapter 1c.

Fri Nov  9 11:40:37 CET [delng153:]: Fibre Channel adapter 1c failed to come online.

Any other thought somebody might have on this?

Re: Cannot complete operation on channel 1c; link is DOWN

I figured it out.

Went to the datacenter, an orange led was blinking on the fiber card.

Pulled the cable on both sides. One side the SFP was very loose so I pulled it as well by accident.

After putting it back the issue was gone.

So I am not sure what the cause was. Losely connected cable? Or might it be that the SFP was loose, however then I don't understand why the led was blinking as it just could be that the port was empty.

And in any case... why didn't I see any of that in the logs and is the system status normal?