Cannot set thresholds for some metrics

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There are a lot of thresholds I can't set.  Why?  Is this a bug or working as intended?  If it's working as intended, what's the reasoning behind it?


We can from a previous version of EM where Oracle developed the Netapp plugin and all of the thresholds were modifiable.  I'd expect the same from this netapp_storage_plugin target type.


A good example is snapshot reserve.  This is a very important metric to be able to monitor and without thresholds we won't get any alerts.



Dave Berman

Oracle Corp.

Re: Cannot set thresholds for some metrics

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your feedback.  We are working on version 2.0 of the plug-in currently and this version will have additional metrics with customizable thresholds including Snapshot Reserve.  We are planning for a beta sometime in June.

Would it be possible to share a screenshot of the old plug-in that Oracle built showing which metrics threshold are customizable.

Re: Cannot set thresholds for some metrics

Sure.  Actually you can see this for yourself if you have an OEM install laying around sine the netapp_filer plugin comes packaged with the 12c agent (even though it's deprecated).

One other thing, when we were looking at the xmls trying to see if we could fix this ourselves, we noticed a typo in the default collection file.

<Condition COLUMN_NAME="QtreePresentUsed"

Obviously that should be "QtreePercentUsed".

I'm not sure what, if any impact this has on it, what we're looking for is a netapp plugin where all of the core metrics can be set.

See the image below which is what the old netapp_filer developed by Oracle allows us to set.