Celerra to Netapp file migration

We currently need to move data from a Celerra to a Netapp V3160.  We were looking at using an F5 ARX to move the data, but hit some snags regarding changes in backup and restore procedures.  We also have Rainfinity in house that was used to consolidate disparate file servers into the Celerra as virtual data movers.  We are planning on using serperate vfilers for each virtual data mover  on the Celerra. Would the Rainfinity be a good option to move the data to the Netapp?  If so, what utility would we need to use in order to move over local groups into the vfilers on the V3160?

Re: Celerra to Netapp file migration

Assuming these are just file shares, have you looked at third party utilities like AutoVirt and/or SecureCopy?