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Changing Storage System IP Address

Hi Guys,

Need a little advice. I have a client with two FAS2020 storage appliances. One configured at their primary site, while the second is a DR box. I have setup OnCommand Core (DFM) to manage & monitor both systems. I've also configured a protection policy to perform a local backup and mirror to the DR box. Everything's working fine as at now. The client has requested the DR box to be moved to a different location, which will require the IP address of the DR box to be changed. All hosts are configured using hostname, with IP addresses being resolved via DNS on the AD (Windows Domain). My question is, other than changing the DR box's IP address entry on the DNS server, and perhaps changing it in /etc/hosts on both filers, is there anything else I need to consider to ensure the replication resumes without issues? I assume I'll also have to pause the protection policy while we do the move?

Would appreciate any pointers.

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You shouldn't have any problems with re-establishing replication as long as SnapMirror can find common snapshots at both source & destination.



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The things that come to mind to me right off are to confirm all necessary ports are open between the systems for communication otherwise updates will fail (dont forget the OC/DFM system having access in to the dest system as well).  I say that since I dont know the network setup for the environments (firewalls involved? VPN?, etc).  I'd also just double check that the IP address is in fact changed (dfm host list I think?) for the destination system in OC/DFM so it can communicate with the box and continue to manage the relationship.

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Thanks guys.

Will revert with feedback once we've done the move.

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Hi Frank,

     Pls read the following FAQ, from what I understand your IP address alone would change and other things like HostName and SystemID would remain the same.

In that case you will have to update the following in DFM, but none of the protection relationship will be affected.

dfm host set <hostname> hostPrimaryAddress=new-address

Pls read the following link on headswap or changes to the settings of the filer.



Re: Changing Storage System IP Address

Thanks Adai, I believe that link has the info I need.