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Cifs with snaprestore

I am looking into consolidating some windows file servers onto a FAS for a customer using cifs. We were looking to include snaprestore to allow for volume / file restores.

Am I correct in thinking snaprestore is all I need to include for this functionality or do I need to include anything else? If so what will this give me?

Lastly, anything else I need to consider and best practices etc?


Re: Cifs with snaprestore

You can do restores for your CIFS shares without using Snaprestore.

You can do restores using snapshots.

There are two ways to access your snapshot versions with CIFS.

You can access the hidden ~snapshot directory or ...

Snapshot technology looks like shadow copies to windows. If you

right click on any file or folder and then 'properties' the 'previous versions'

tab will show up with the snapshot versions.

Snaprestore is valuable though. Snaprestore will revert the state of an

entire volume to how it existed at an earlier time. A scenario you might

want to use it in - a virus has attacked your filesystem, and you want to

restore the entire volume.

Hope this has been a help.

At your service,

Eugene Kashpureff

Re: Cifs with snaprestore

Do you have any guides for accessing snaps from cifs volumes?

I definitely do not need snaprestore for file / folder level restore? (before I quote a customer)

Thanks for the info

Re: Cifs with snaprestore

Snapshot use with CIFS is covered in the ‘File access Protocols Guide’ portion of  the Data ONTAP documentation.

You definitely don’t need SnapRestore to recover files and folders.

You can read more about what SnapRestore does do in the ‘Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide’ portion of the Data ONTAP documentation.

At your service,

Eugene Kashpureff

Re: Cifs with snaprestore

Thanks again..