Re: Cluster Failover (CF -Takeover and CF -Giveback)

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Im hoping someone can help me as yesterday i upgraded from 8.02 to 8.02P7 following the non-disruptive procedure guided for me via AutoSupport upgrade advisor and i too had an outage.

My environment is a Netapp FAS3210 HA 3 LUNS on Controller A and 3 LUNS from Controller B connected via FCP to a WIndows Server 2008 R2 file cluster with 3 Node Active / Active / Passive. Communication is HA paired between partners via VIF0 and we thoroughly tested this before going into production, so this being our 1st upgrade i was expecting a non disruptive process.

When i completed step cf takeover on Controller A, services shutdown on B and moved to A but our windows server file cluster Node B also failed its resources and went offline and slowly failed over to passive node C. Once controller B rebooted i completed cf giveback. Same happened again when i upgraded Controller B.

Note: We do not have Windows host utilities installed on our file cluster nodes as we have DSM MultiPath IO 3.5 installed instead. I read on DSM 3.5 new features that WIN Host Utils is no longer required.  Is this correct or is this where my problem could be do you think?

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Re: Cluster Failover (CF -Takeover and CF -Giveback)

Host Utilities were never necessary for operation, they simply helped to automate host settings.

During setup of Microsoft Cluster some disk IO related parameters may get reset (it was definitely the case in the past). So you have to check all settings documented in Host Utilities manual and correct them if changed. Host Utilities could as be run in Recover mode to reapply these settings; I do not remember if DSM also has an option to reapply settings post-installation.