Cluster-Mode Tuning?

I heard NFS is self-tuning in cluster-mode but am not sure how to (or we need to) tune things like window sizes in Cluster-Mode...  Are there cluster commands for these, is it recommended to "node run options" to the dblade of every node or is it not best practice to modify these for cluster-mode like 7-mode?

Some examples of tuning done on may 7-mode installs

options cifs.tcp_window_size

options cifs.neg_buf_size

options cifs.max_mpx

options nfs.tcp.recvwindowsize

options nfs.tcp.xfersize

options nfs.ifc.xmt.high

options nfs.ifc.xmt.low

options nfs.sendq.max

Re: Cluster-Mode Tuning?

I prefer to say "NFS is optimised in Cluster-Mode"

The ability to tune 'max_mpx' parameter has been introduced in 8.1.1 Cluster-Mode under the 'vserver cifs options' command directory. I do not believe the rest of the commands you have listed have similar settings in the shipping version of Cluster-Mode. There are plans to introduce the ability to tune of these parameters in upcoming versions of Cluster-Mode.

If there are systems that have non-default values for these parameters and the customer wishes to move the data to Cluster-Mode, please engage with a local CMET resource to discuss your options.

Hope this helps.

Re: Cluster-Mode Tuning?

Very good... Thank you Mrinal.