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Cluster failover


What kind of risks and impact are there, while the filer is in cluster failover mode?

And also,how long the another filer can sustain in this scenario?



Re: Cluster failover

Loss of redundancy (i.e. failure protection) and decreased resources (i.e. possible performance impact). What answer did you expect? ☺

I am not sure I really understand the second question. You can run in takeover mode indefinitely if you like; nothing in filer will force you to do giveback.

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I mean the same answer.

for the second question , how many hours the controller wil work in a failover mode.(since the IOPS and processing will b more)?

IS there any timeline for that?

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"Asked and answered"

The cluster will work in failover mode until some failure stops it from working.

Re: Cluster failover

I am not aware of any inherent limitation for working in failover mode. And best practice is to size your solution so that one controller can handle combined load.