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Coming back to the network creates ~.tmp files



I'm brand new to NetApp technology, but have been doing research.  My organization does all of it's file shares from a NetApp device using ONTAP for offline files.  Recently we discovered that when users were coming back to the network after saving files while offline, tmp files were being created when they re-joined the network; BEFORE sync center runs a sync.  The files are names with the same name as the original file with the addition of "~RFf1eba.TMP" (just an example, its random).  When a sync is performed, Sync Center sees a confilict as if the user had deleted the original file while offline.  If Sync Center is instructed to keep the file, the changes are updated, but the TMP file remains.  I'm happy to provide any information to assist in the solution of this issue.  I've already done hours of troubleshooting and can provide much more detail if requested.


Thanks in advance!


Re: Coming back to the network creates ~.tmp files



Did you resolve this issue? We have the same issue.


Regards, Andrin

Re: Coming back to the network creates ~.tmp files

Hello Andrin--No, we have not been able to resolve the issue.  We opened a ticket with Microsoft who did a lot of troubleshooting with us, but came to the conclusion that it was an issue with the NetApp.  We attempted to open a ticket with NetApp, but were immediately told that the issue was with Microsoft and no troubleshooting was done.  I'm currently trying to get NetApp and Microsoft to communicate with each other on this issue, but that is not going well at all.  If I make any progress I will gladly update you.  I'm hoping you will do the same.  Thanks!

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