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Commands for snapmirror failover and failback


Let's say that I have a well-configured running snapmirror replication between 2 filers in remote sites.

I now want to:

1. Switch a certain Vfiler from the primary site to the DR site.

2. Leave DR site as active for a long period.

I read tr-3446 (chapter 10.2) which explains more or less how to perform step 1 on a volume, which means that I basically have to run these steps for each of the volumes in the VFiler:

1.1. Shut down applications on primary site.

1.2. (on DR filer) snapmirror update -w <volume name> - To assure 100% snapmirroring

1.3. (on DR filer) snapmirror break <volume name> - To stop replication from Primary to DR

1.4. Bring up application on DR site

1.5. (on Primary filer) snapmirror -resync -S <DR_Filer>:<DR_Volume> <Primary_Filer>:<Primary:Volume> - To start replication from DR to Primary

1.6. Update snapmirror.conf on Primary filer

Now, assuming that I wish to leave the DR site active for a long period, I'd like to delete the old Snapmirror replication (from Primary to DR), delete its base snapshots on both filers etc.

Could you please help me with the set of commands to perform this?


Re: Commands for snapmirror failover and failback

On source – “snapmirror release S-Filer:S-Vol D-FilerSmiley Very Happy-Vol” and manually delete any leftover snapshots. Sometimes “snapmirror release” does not remove them. On destination you will need to clean up snapshots manually.

Re: Commands for snapmirror failover and failback

Thanks for the reply.

When you say source and destination you mean the old replication? In my case the source would be the Primary site and the destination is the DR?

Also - Can you explain more aboue the release command? I was once told to use quiesce & break, what is the difference between the two options?


Re: Commands for snapmirror failover and failback

Yes, I mean old replication.

Quiesce temporary suspends replication without making destination read-write. Break will split relationship and make destination writeable again. Release removes old base snapmirror snapshot from source.